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Container Thermoking MP3000 Container Control Panel
Pic Thermoking 3000 Container.png

The Unit is programmed to automatically defrost. You are not required to do anything. 
Programming Temperature  
If nothing is displayed on the screen make sure genset is running, main circuit breaker is up in the on position, there is good plug connection and switch on unit is in the on position. Press the setpoint button. When TEMP. SETP. is displayed press the F4 button. The icon will begin to flash and the current setpoint will disappear. Enter the new setpoint using the number keys. If the number is in the negatives use the +/-  EXIT button  before using the number keys. Press and hold the F4 button, the icon will stop flashing and the new setpoint will be displayed. Press the ESC (F1) button to verify new setpoint.  
Alarm Codes 
If the unit is malfunctioning or displaying any fault codes contact dispatch immediately. Write up a defect report for any alarm or fault codes when you return to the yard. 

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