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Zavcor Trucking Limited drivers are the key to our success as a company. Our drivers are known to be some of the best in the business.
We offer the most attractive driving positions, backed by a commitment to Safety and better FMCSA and MTO scores, a commitment to keeping drivers rolling and productive, balanced by a commitment to meeting home-time schedules.

Driver Spotlight

We appreciate our hard working drivers and all of their efforts. Our staff is composed of many former drivers who understand how just difficult life on the road can be. 

We want to take this opportunity to recognize our exceptional drivers and their achievements. Once a month, we identify an exceptional driver and showcase them on our Driver Spotlight.

Brent Mater

Brent is our longest standing employee. Brent started with us in 1992, and has been a dedicated employee for 29 years.

Always willing to lend a helping hand, Brent is a valuable asset to our team. He has a passion for the industry, and has helped many great drivers find their careers in trucking throughout the years.

Brent was recognized for his contributions to the industry with his induction into the Driver Hall of Fame in 2020, and as an OTA Road Knight in 2016.

Thank you Brent for all that you do for us here at Zavcor!

Jackie Van Wynen

Jackie is one of our most helpful drivers in the fleet, always willing to answer questions and solve problems. She is well-loved by our entire fleet, and brings a great sense of joy to everyone in our yard. Taking great pride in her truck, everyone knows to look for her and "Stella" on the road!

Another accomplished driver, Jackie was also recognized as an OTA Road Knight in 2019. 

We are grateful to have Jackie as a part of our team.

Kyle Winter

Kyle is one of our most successful and loyal graduates from our Zavcor Training Academy. Having transitioned into his second career, Kyle is an example of what a great choice trucking can be.

We appreciate Kyle's continued dedication to Zavcor, and are looking forward to completing his  Zavcor Training Academy Reimbursement program this year!

Kyle Winter.jpg

Nadia Dohnalova

One of our newest Zavcor Training Academy graduates, Nadia has proven to have an incredible talent for trucking. While she may be newly-licensed, she has blown us away with her incredible work ethic and driving abilities.

We are looking forward to Nadia's future career at Zavcor, and are thrilled to have her as a great example to our Academy graduates!

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