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Our History

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Founded by Kirk Zavitz and Terry Gilmore in 1990, Zavcor Trucking Limited was born from a love of the trucking industry. 
Starting out in his father's shop, our President Kirk Zavitz has always stood by his family's roots in the industry. After purchasing his first truck in 1976, Kirk started as an Owner-Operator hauling produce across the Eastern Seaboard.

Kirk is still behind the wheel frequently, and can often be found loading and unloading at customer facilities. This down-to-earth attitude carries throughout the company and has helped shape Zavcor into the family-oriented business we are today.
With a family history of over 70 years of trucking, Zavcor Trucking strives to maintain the values that the Zavitz family are proud to uphold.
We operate late model highway tractors, specializing in truckload shipments between Ontario and the United States.
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Derek K Zavitz

June 14 1978 - Dec 5 1996

Keith J Zavitz

April 28 1926 - Feb 20 2016

Aaron J Zavitz

April 6 1981 - June 2 2018

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