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Zavcor Trucking Limited Employee Portal

This page is for all Zavcor Trucking employees!


It is used for all departments. Creating a Login will give you access to your departments online data.

Simply go to top right corner of website and click "Log in"

If you are not registered yet click "Sign Up"

Choose what option you would like to sign up with, if you have a company email use it with Google sign up. If not select what you would like to sign up with. 


Once you have sent request within the next day you will receive an email that your login is complete and you have access to your department.

Once you receive an email you have been granted access simply go back to login and login to your account.

Once logged in you will see in the login drop down that shared files are there and any department you are associated with will allow access.

If any employee would like other documents uploaded for access please call Bill or email

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